Neuropathy Treatments

Secure effective neuropathy treatments in Kalaheo, HI, from Dr. Greg Banks of Kalaheo Spine and Wellness Center.

What Is Neuropathy?

Before we get into the ways a chiropractor can help with your neuropathy, let’s first take this opportunity to discuss that condition. Neuropathy is a condition characterized by nerve damage. Nerve damage can then lead to a variety of troubling symptoms.

Significant pain is a common complaint for people dealing with the effects of neuropathy. You may be able to tell that your pain is related to neuropathy if it emerges at odd times. Individuals with this condition may experience a sudden onset of pain while sitting or lying down.

The type of pain you’re experiencing could also be an indicator that it’s related to neuropathy. That is often the case if you’re suffering from sharp or burning pain.

Other symptoms of neuropathy include muscle weakness, numbness, and poor balance. Certain manifestations of neuropathy may also be accompanied by bowel and bladder issues.

Neuropathy is caused by nerve damage, but the ways you suffer that damage may vary. For instance, neuropathy can be a side effect of certain diseases such as diabetes.

Your particular case of neuropathy may also be related to injuries. The injuries you sustained from a bad fall or car accident may have created misalignments along your musculoskeletal system. Those misalignments may now be exerting pressure on your nerves and causing damage.

Seek treatment for your neuropathy by working closely with a chiropractor. Consult Dr. Banks of Kalaheo Spine and Wellness Center if you need neuropathy treatments in Kalaheo, HI.

What Neuropathy Treatments Can Your Chiropractor Provide?

Chiropractors can treat neuropathy in different ways. If your neuropathy is related to an existing musculoskeletal injury, your chiropractor can use spinal adjustments to address it. The adjustments can ease the pressure on your damaged nerves to eliminate the symptoms of neuropathy.

Going to your chiropractor for treatment is also a good idea because they embrace innovation. One of the newer forms of treatment for neuropathy is Sanexas. Sanexas relies on quantum-based technology to treat neuropathy. Once in use, Sanexas can boost your circulation and induce the body’s natural healing response to improve your rate of recovery.

Aside from boosting your rate of recovery, Sanexas is also helpful because it serves as a non-invasive form of neuropathy treatment. Not everyone can afford to miss work due to their neuropathy treatment regimen. If that’s the case for you, relying on Sanexas is a great option. You can get Sanexas treatment early in the day and continue your routine after that without any issues.

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