Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin Infusion Therapy


IV Vitamin Therapy is the administration of vitamins delivered through an IV drip into the vein. This form of therapy has been shown to deliver nutrients quickly and efficiently while also increasing rehydration. One of our qualified personnel will discuss the best vitamin infusion choice for you based on a comprehensive medical history and your health goals. At Kalaheo Wellness we know that healthy bodies start with prevention and thrive with enhanced natural healing services. Let us help you achieve your optimal health and wellness with a customized wellness plan designed specifically for you!

Vitamin Injection Therapy

  • MO BETTA • B12, Lysine, B complex • Antiviral and immune system support
  • CHEE HOO! • Extra strength B12, B5, B-complex • Offers immune system support and promotes energy and endurance
  • HO BRAH • B12, Taurine, B5 • Helps produce energy and supports muscle recovery and attentiveness
  • MANA • B12, MIC, B5 • Helps maintain and sustain energy while boosting metabolism
  • SHOOTS • B12, B6 + your choice between B5 or L-carnitine • Helps with the nervous system, concentration and endocrine support
  • ISLAND VIBES • B12, Taurine + your choice between MIC and B6 • Relaxing combination that may help your quality of sleep and mood stability
  • HOWZIT • Extra strength B12, B5, Glutathione. • Helps with energy production combined with a powerful antioxidant. • Encouraged for women and men through the pre-conception stage.
  • HAWAIIAN TIME • B12, Taurine, Magnesium. • Deep muscle-relaxing formula that can help with mood stability and insomnia.
  • HANA HOU (2 injections) • Glutathione, B5, Taurine, Extra strength B12, Lysine, B-complex. • This powerful combination is given in 2 injections and helps promote energy, contains antiviral properties, and our all-star antioxidant glutathione.
  • SMALL KINE • B12 Methylcobalamin. • Helps maintain and sustain energy, helps with red blood cell production, and is recommended for vegans/vegetarians.
  • DA KINE • Extra strength B12 Methylcobalamin. • Large dose of B12.
  • INJECTION ADD ONS: • Biotin - An important enzyme that helps breakdown fats and carbohydrates. Also useful for hair loss and brittle nails.

IV Vitamin Drips

  • NA PALI COAST • Extra strength Meyer's Cocktail that will boost your energy, help with mental clarity, and increase overall productivity
  • WAILUA FALLS • Packed with a high dose of vitamin C and high-quality nutrients that helps with hydration and boosts your immunity
  • HANALEI BAY • Glutathione is the most essential antioxidant naturally occurring in our bodies. It keeps our cells healthy by removing free radicals, heavy metals, and organic pollutants. This powerful antioxidant boosts your immunity, aids in energy productions, and delays aging in the skin. Glutathione benefits the skin by helping to lightening dark spots and give the skin an overall glow.
  • IV Add Ons: • Extra Hydration - 250 ML Normal Saline Bag • Extra Strength Glutathione - 1000 MG • Extra Strength B12 - 2.5 MG

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