What our patients have to say..

  • I'v had chiorpratic care off and on for over 20 years and I've gotta say Kalaheo wellness hands down Gave me the best adjustment iv ever had! I highly recommend this place

    - Kristin A.
  • Dr. Young is the man.He does a quick exam finding the bad spots.Than he goes to work correcting/adjusting my spine and other areas that are effecting me .10-15mins I’m walking out of there a new man.dr young an staff is A++

    - Pete P.
  • I didn't get to use the services but my 87yr old dad did and he was beaming when he came out. Loved the acupuncturist and the job she did.

    - Linnea G.
  • I have been getting my back adjusted here ever since I was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps EAS back in 2015 I made it apart of my monthly routine to use their services to help rid my body of physical pain they helped me in my rehabilitation process I went from 1-2 training days leaving the mats in agonizing pain to training 4-5 days with moderate controllable pain 4 years to create a formula that allowed me to do that life’s been hell yet it opened my eyes to see what I really wanted out of it and the team at Kalaheo Wellness Center has helped me get back to one of my main passions which was and has always been 🐝 Fighting

    Show More - Ben B.
  • Staff go above and beyond to accommodate you. Dr. Kalani and Dr. Zack are both very knowledgeable and personable. I wouldn't go anywhere else. A+ from check in to check out!

    - Caleb B.
  • I am on Kaua'i for my honeymoon and my neck went out of alignment. I called for an appointment randomly and they squeezed me in. The good doctor is from NorCal!  Anyhow I explained, he did his magic, and I am a new woman, pain free and mobile again!  I would visit this guy regularly if I lived here. He knows his stuff!!!  Kind person too. But isn't that everyone here??!!

    Show More - Joyce T.
  • I would highly recommend this place to anyone who has seriously injured their spine or just needs a routine adjustment after I served in the USMC Infantry my body was pretty messed up at the point it hurt to walk yet with routine visits proper posture & yoga I was able to walk without pain so I started getting my back re aligned somewhere back in 2014 I believe now it’s 2019 and I walk jog & train again with a slight discomfort yet it all honestly I’m feeling doing a lot better then when I started my journey to recovery thank you to all who helped me be able to train again your efforts are truly appreciated

    Show More - Benjamin B.
  • My father, a 87yr old Navy veteran,  goes here for his acupressure therapy. He loves "Dr. Laura" and he is seeing a big difference in his gait and a great deal less pain. He actually called the VA to make sure his therapy wasn't canceled. (He never makes any of the phone calls to doctors offices or to the VA as it takes away from his screen time lol!)

    Show More - Linnea G.
  • Greg is the best of the best! Highly recommended!

    - Jesse C.
  • Dr. Gregory Banks is efficient, experienced & immediately knows which areas to target based on one’s pain.
    The clinic also offers a special discount for those on state insurance / Medicaid 🙏🏼

    - Raven D.
  • Visited this clinic while on vacation. Awesome staff and wonderful doctor!

    - Nathan H.
  • Absolutely amazing. Wish you would come back to Iowa!

    - Crystal G.
  • If you're looking for a knowledgeable and passionate about Chiropractic care person, you're in the right place. Dr. Banks cares about your health long-term and listens to your concerns.

    - Jenna C.
  • Hawaii can be a relaxing place, until you throw your back out on vacation. Dr. Banks will have you back out exploring Waikiki after one adjustment.

    - Karl C.
  • Greg is amazing. Took literal seconds and I felt healed right away. Warm and friendly, he will put you at ease the moment you walk in the door. Nice location too.

    - Chris McC.
  • Flew into Kauai for a week to help support the Waimea basketball community and needed a major tune-up after training and coaching 15+ hours a day. Was referred to Dr. Banks by my family friends and had a great experience with him. Knew my alma mater right when I walked in, made me feel at home immediately. The treatment was excellent. Made me realize I need to be seeing a chiropractor once a week back home. Thankful for the care I’ll definitely be back when I’m back here. 💯

    Show More - Max H.
  • Dr. Banks is amazing. I was very nervous my first time with Dr. Banks. I never had any experience with a real chiropractor. He made me feel at ease, and within two weeks I was able to get back to playing Pickleball. I felt more brisk and agile just like I did in my spriteful years in my 20’s. He has the magic hands.

    Show More - Luke J.
  • Dr Banks is super knowledgeable in more areas of Chiropractic care than any other DC I’ve been to. As the son of a Chiropractor, I’ve been to many to fill my Dad’s shoes and Dr Banks did the best job by far!!  He is kind, funny, and has awesomeness in his bedside manner. Go see him ASAP if you’re in Kauai!!!!

    Show More - Joshua M.
  • Wow! Dr Banks was absolutely incredible. Not only was his service fantastic, but the customer service made me feel like I was at the Ritz . I wish more businesses were like this and treated customers like family. Thank you Dr Banks! I will definitely be back.

    - Arjun S.

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